Services and Fees

   Like any other business which provides services, we too must feed our families.  However, our goal remains providing services for children without causing their family additional stress with a financial burden.  In that regard, we are writing grants and seeking sponsorships to enable us to assist your children and pass this financial return onto you.  Until that time, we must charge for services.  


   Our primary function is to assist children with disabilities who are having school-related problems.  However, that in itself encompasses a wide variety of issues.  Below you will find a selective few of the services we render:

    We provide unlimited time to any parent/guardian, at no cost, to sit down and discuss the problems they are encountering with their child at school.  We give advice on how to resolve these issues and what the rights of the child are. At no cost.

    We offer "hands-on" resolution to issues by attending ARC and 504 Committee meetings with the family.

    We assist in medical referrals to appropriate physicians, psychologists, and therapist who are familiar with the unique needs of children. At no cost.

    We assist children with whom disciplinary action has taken place including school suspensions, expulsions, administrative hearings, and juvenile justice appearances before a Court Designated Worker.

    We provide resource information to families in need of information regarding their child's rights. At no cost.

    We publish an on-line newsletter providing up to date information on legal, medical and of interest articles regarding children with disabilities. At no cost.

    We assist in helping kids enter a variety of programs to help them over the summer and give them opportunities for community service. At no cost.

    We interact within the community with professionals whose expertise will help families and children, no matter what the need.

    We give presentations state-wide to parent and professional organizations.


Service Rates

    As you can see, KERC is limitless in the services we provide to help families and children.  At this point, we have not discovered anything in this area we have not addressed.  With the variety of services, it would be difficult to place an exact amount per case.  Therefore, as each circumstance is different, so is our rate for the service.  However, our hourly rates are substantially less than most professional firms and we get results!  The investment you make is for your child.

    Retainer - This is an amount designated as a "prepayment" for services we anticipate.  This amount is usually about $400 to $600, but depends on the distance of travel and the complexity of the problem.

    Hourly Rate - Our hourly fee is $60.00

    Expenses - We charge $.50 per mile         OR,

      Flat rate charges - In many cases and based upon our experience with the time and effort to be dedicated, we can fix a flat rate charge with contract on what is exactly to be done for this amount.


   We provide our clients with monthly billing, which itemizes the work performed and the time involved.  A 1.50% monthly interest rate is applied to bills not paid within 30 days.

    We accept personal checks or money orders.

     For the convenience of our clients, we accept paypal as a source for payment with all transactions on a secure service. For the payment of the agreed upon service fee, please click the "pay now" button and follow the instructions.You must enter the amount of your payment within the "unit price" box.

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     As you may know, much of our work is done without fee. For those who wish to support our organization in helping us advocate for all children, donations are a wonderful gesture. If you wish to support our organization, please click the "donate" button and follow the instructions.



                                 Donations are not tax deductible


We are willing to work with any family on behalf of their child, especially when financial assistance is needed. 

Talk with us before you make a decision of what best suits your needs.


Kentucky Education Rights 
256 Abbey Road
Versailles,Kentucky 40383
Telephone: (859) 983-9222