Kentucky Education Rights was created to be multi-faceted in providing resources and services to the families of children with disabilities. The primary issue is to educate families and professionals in the rights, needs, and expectations of these children. And, to do so in an objective manner conducive with a better understanding and closer relationship between the parties.

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned, laws are not "black and white", they are subject to many interpretations. Emotions are likewise when parents feel their "babies" have in some way been wronged.

    Our goal has been to bridge this gap in bringing better understanding and working relationships between families, schools, and professionals. Our job would be much easier if there was a singular focus upon simply informing families as to what someone else did wrong. By no means is that "advocating". To us, advocating is bringing together the "opposing forces" and giving each a clearer understanding of the other and focusing upon the needs and best interests of the child.

    How do we do this? Obviously not by ourselves. Assistance to the expansion of so many varying needs, requires the right people with the expertise. Over the years we have begun a networking of expertise in the areas where needed. Each and every one of these experts have been sought out purposefully for a variety of reasons. Sought out because they are indeed the "cream of the crop", the best in their field and the passion in their hearts to help. We are fortunate that many are on our staff or Board members. Some volunteer their services and adjust their calendars for our "kids". All present themselves at a moments notice to provide what may be asked of them.

    You may ask, "what is it you have that would benefit us?" Simply put, immediate resources, expertise in all fields associated with children and families, vast experience in participating and conducting workshops and seminars, resource in information which reaches 100,000 families a month, and the absolute drive to reach all who would benefit from what we possess.

    Our motto is "action speaks louder than words". What you have read above are the "words", what you will read below are our "actions":

    To date, just one person with KERC has attended over 2,000 ARC/504 meetings with families in differing schools across the state and without a single lawsuit or due process hearing in a number of years. Impressive? Not by our standards. Impressive is that we have many of the same families coming back to us every year whom we had when we first started. Many of our referrals come from families we assisted. Best of all are the graduation invitations, the notes, and the drawings we get from the kids we worked with in the past.

Advocating for a child is representing for the best interests of the child, the uniqueness of the individual’s needs in school to be successful.


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